ZackZackBoom is a simple semi-mobile web game that lets you and your friends find out who the toughest guy is in nerve-wracking situations. It is build on top of a node.js webserver and relies heavily on the use of web sockets. Based on the game „Hot Potato“ the logged in players throw a digital bomb back and forth on which a timer runs off. If the bomb explodes on a player’s device, the player has lost the round. The game gets a special attraction through a high score list. The one who proves his nerves and keeps the bomb for the longest time on the device lands in first place. So do you stay on the safe side and quickly throw the bomb away again, or do you play with your virtual life and win? It’s up to you.

Das Logo von ZackZackBoom
Das Logo von ZackZackBoom (Illustration von Sabrina Deets)

Das Projekt findet ihr auf Github